Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So Glad to inspire

This past weekend, I received some wonderful comments from some very sweet ladies regarding my blog. I  have been awarded the stylish blogger award by two sweet sweet women, Patty Braun,  http://rocpaperstamps.blogspot.com/ and Lorraine Toll  http://www.lorrainesstampincorner.blogspot.com/ . I am really honored ladies, and glad to inspire with my creations. Both Ladies have AMAZING talent in their own right, so please pay it forward and have a see for yourselves! Now with this award I need to tell you 8 things about myself, and list 8 blogs that inspire me. I will start with things about me -

1. I love to take pictures of my family, and eventually scrap them all! ( I know Big DREAMS Right! )
2. I can get a little too goofy at times, especially if Stampin' Up! is involved in the equation. :)
3. I am left handed, but do not write upside down.
4. I have a new obsession with homemade Granola.
5. I LOVE to roller skate, and shake my junk. ( if the two are done at the same time it can be quite comical!)
6. I Love to color...It's the little girl in me that won't let go.
7. I am starting to think I have TOO many punches.
8. I am still doing all my own stunts! :)

Now Some blogs that I find inspiring and visit often to oogle over their awesome creativity -

Krystie Lee
Heather Summers
Cindy Beach
Jen Del Muro
Amy Sheffer
Penny Thomas
Nancy Riley
Pam D'Urso

Thank you again ladies, it is quite the honor to receive such an Award! :)



Nancy Riley said...

Heather, this was fun to read! I'm a lefty, and don't write upside down either!

Nancy Riley said...

P.S. Thanks so much for the fun award !!!