Monday, May 20, 2013

Tipsy Pot Planter info

Hi Everyone! I had someone.. (Hi Mary Ann!!) inquire as to how I made the Tipsy Pot planter in my garden. So here is what I used -
1  16" clay pot with drain hole in center (base)
1  12" clay pot with drain hole in  center
2  10" clay pots with drain holes in center
1 8" clay pot with drain hole in center
1  67" piece of Rebar ( found at Lowes or Home Depot by the cement mixes)
Pea Gravel ( had on hand ) for the bottom of the base pot
Start making your planter by pounding the piece of Rebar into the ground about a foot or so. Once done, slide your base pot over the rebar to the ground through the drain hole in the center of the pot. Fill the pot about 1/3rd full with the Pea Gravel, or some other rocks to make sure the base stays put. (the gravel or stone also cuts back on filling that huge base pot full of potting soil :) ) Once you have your base pot full of your potting soil, slide the next pot onto the rebar. Tip this pot to the side. Fill most of the way with potting mix. Proceed with the next pots, flipping the positions of the pots. Fill your Tipsy pots with the flowers of your choice. I added the painted bird house to hide the top of my rebar, and you can add on too.. or top with what ever makes you happy.
I hope these instructions helped out. :) Mine was really fun to make, and I hope you decide to make one too. Thanks for stopping by -
Heather :)


Mary Ann said...

Thank you very much,going to give it a try,Have a good day!!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the instructions to the planter. I got mine made yesterday and it turned out fantastic. I couldn't find the right size rebar so I had to put two 48" pieces together. My family was very impressed and I owe all the credit to you. Again, thank you for sharing and your wonderful blog. Carolyn