Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Crazy Cool Convention

Hi Everyone! Yup! you can pick up your jaws off the floor now... I am actually posting! I know I surprised myself too! So where have I been?? I think you all have a good idea where I have been hanging out ... That's right the SU Convention! I can't even put into words the incredible time I had this year in SLC. I met so many new and old friends, that there was never a dull moment! And my Roomies this year were the BOMB! My sides and face hurt so much from laughing and giggling, that I wished it would never end. So here are a few pictures to highlight my trip to Convention this year.

I could go on and on... with all the pictures, stories and memories! The Fun is infectious! Can't wait till next year! :) Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek! :)

Heather :)

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